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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Meaning and Symbolism of WEATHER in Dreams

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Excerpt from Jean's Book, "The Inner World, Exploring Your Dreams."  Jean has been a precognitive dreamer since childhood, has studied dreams all of her life and has kept a dream journal for over 25 years. 

Notice the weather in your dreams as it represents emotional and mental orientation.  Weather sets the tone of the dream and the action within the dream.  If it is bright and sunny, the overall message is positive and helpful.  Dark and stormy weather indicates a challenging situation.

Cloudy weather - uncertainty, confusion, ill at ease.  Storm Clouds show a state of unhappiness and anger.

Hurricane - emotional conflict, feeling overwhelmed and out of control.  Mental and emotional confusion.

Rain - emotional cleansing, unhappy emotions, depressing thoughts or spiritual activity.

Snow - frozen and cold emotions.  Asking for help shoveling snow - seeking help to move out of an unhappy situation; slow but inevitable progress.  When another helps you shovel snow - support from another.  Skiing - moving quickly over an emotionally cold or unpleasant situation.

Storms - emotional anger, violence, strong discomfort; trouble brewing

Sunny - bright and clear information; uplifting; positivity

Tornado - mental fervor; tumultuous thoughts; confusion; obsessive thinking

WATER represents our emotional natures.  Being hit with tidal waves or fear of drowning can indicate that we are feeling emotionally overwhelmed.  Our dreams can also communicate a need/desire to use more of our emotional and intuitive gifts.  Water is the feminine, emotional, or receptive side of our human personality.  Spirituality is often symbolized in dreams by the movement of and in water.  Swimming in water can represent actively working with and expressing our emotional and intuitive development.